Job Description

Mangusta 105 XOXO

Work with WH to form a task list, maintenance, supplies, and provisions.

Co-mingle with guests, build rapport with family, friend, and business associates.

Help with planning trips. 

1st year Bahama trip for 7 days,

Ship to Ensenada MX, 7 days So CA, San Diego, Newport Beach, Catalina.

SF till Feb 21 WH Thur-Mon

So Cal till April 21, day charters, WH Thur-Mon

Long Beach Grand Prix  April-16-18 2021

SF  Tinsley Island  May-Nov 21

Work with WH to handle more technical or mechanical problems.

Manage day labor and work tasks and authorize payment.  WH to pay within 24 hours via Venmo. They report to RD NOT WH. You manage.  I do not micromanage.

I will manage chef (Jason is in!) and catering by the day  

Two work functions of 4hr monthly, no gratuity

Wash boat one time a week with WH (I like the activity) or prior to charter as necessary.  Shammy daily.   

Weekly provisioning,

Weekly laundry  

WH is non-alcohol.  Dry yacht during passages. Charters/family light drinking

Physical work (keep in check to avoid bed rest if possible) to be managed at an acceptable level.  WH to major cleaning with RD or arrange for day labor.

RD to be a charter captain if WH is busy.  Case by case if mutually acceptable

90% charter will be day charters of 4 hours

Charter's aim is Four 4-hour charters monthly.  The rate will be 10k-12k.  Gratuity to be split with RD, WH and day labor (smaller %)

Pay to be determined via Venmo or PayPal every two weeks